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Center of Town

Café Vino Tinto on El Mirador–- Hands down the restaurant and bar with the best view in town. Owner Jon Tompson is currently turning the place around with a professional attitude and improved island style menu. Perched right below the Christopher Columbus statue on the Mirador near the main park, the cool breeze and gorgeous wooden tables are a perfect little niche.

Vino TintoCold beers, wine, and cocktails coupled with a plate of nachos or fish, you cannot go wrong here. Ideal date spot.

Bovando's- Ice cream, sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, and beer right in front of the main park of Trujillo. Bovando's is a good place to enjoy a drink or pastry in the very center of town next to the church. An easy point to meet up with friends.

Café Sabores – A locally-owned, typical cafe with milkshakes, juices, baleadas, soups, rices, coffe, and other typical cafe food. Located adjacent to Banco Occidente, this is a great place to relax in an authentic Honduran cafe. Wifi and an air conditioned rear dining room.

Café Las Delicias – A brand new restaurant on the second floor of the same cobblestone block of Cafe Sabores. They offer hamburgers and chicken, beers and cocktails. Las Delicias has a nice view of the very center and commerce of Trujillo, if only it wasn’t obstructed by an entanglement of telephone and electricity cables.<

Buccaneer- In the Colonial Hotel on the main square. Best in town for hamburgers. Has a full menu. Breakfast through dinner.

Hotel Christopher Columbus/Restaurant Isabella---A more sophisticated location with a.c. and a nice bar by the pool. Good food and catered events available. Check out two for one tapas Monday nights, making normally expensive but good food a pretty good deal.

Bahia Bar

Bahia Bar---Now under Honduran management. Pretty good food and large, accommodating staff. Great place to watch sports and enjoy food. Some might complain about the sterile lighting and echo filled halls.

Pizza del Muelle --- A new pizza restaurant run by a friendly Italian man named Mario. This restaurant is located on a dock about a half a mile east of Bahía Bar. With home-style, Florentine pizza on a beautiful dock over the supple waves of Jericó, this is probably the best pizza in Trujillo in the only over the sea/dock restaurant of Trujillo.

Capiro Bay --- Offers adequate pizza in a nice courtyard right on the beach. Other typical Honduran food is available. Capiro bay is right on the airport strip, next to Bahia Bar.

Champas below the fort on the beach

Playa Dorada

Playa Dorado---This is one of my favorites on the beach. The food is excellent here. The fish is really tasty, and you can pick your size fish with its corresponding price. A huge and diverse menu with pastas, ceviche, lobster, crab, conch, sopa marinera. The owner is quite friendly and arguably has the best pescado sudado in town. Specialists in seafood and a nice low key environment. Perfect date spot. Wifi


Bambu --- Bambu has shot off into success pretty quickly since last year with a spectacular feng shui allowing the cool ocean breeze to cool the place down. Built of traditional “manaca” palm leaves, the enormous hut and wooden floor throws some epic daytime parties. Though they offer food, I would prefer to eat at Playa Dorada but drink in Bambu’s captivating ambience. It can be hard to leave the place, just make sure you pay for your beers up front because many people have had problems with overcharging here. Don’t rack up a bar tab at any bar. Bambu is the hottest bar in town. Wifi

Nautico- A new restaurant or ¨gastrobar¨if you will. Karla is a great chef and has the only sushi in Trujillo. Nautico seems to be doing well serving seafood, burgers, etc. Nautico does karaoke periodically. They have a generator so it's a good spot when the power goes out. Service can be a little slow at times, but they're becoming one of the better restaurants on the beach.

Rogue's Gallery---Bar/restaurant. Delicious fried fish and probably the coldest beer on the beach without being frozen. Never see too many people at Rogue’s but there’s nothing too bad about the place.

Blue Bayou Sunset - Manager Captain Kenroy from Guanaja has opened up with island style food, cold beers, and great music.

El Delfin

El Delfín---The three-story place on the beach below the fort is a great place to dine, drink, and enjoy the beach if you have a large group. Titois also the owner of this place. This can be a fun place for drinks, and going up top to the second floor provides more breeze and less insects. Good for watching sports or jumping off their private dock they built last year. Really good seafood and chicken.


Cocopando – Offers fish and chicken and good music. On the weekends you’re liable to see some punta or mascaro dancing. Cocopando is either on or off and never in between. Could be packed, could be a ghost town.

West of Trujillo towards Santa Fe

Banana Beach --- Just before Santa Fe, this oceanside resort offers a nice pool with slide for $5 a day and a nice bar/restaurant. The food has US prices, but they serve all kinds of delicious seafood, nachos, chicken and other dishes. Banana beach is like TGIF in the Caribbean. A comfortable place to spend the day and enjoy a great lunch. Wifi. Recommended.

Campamento---Outside of Trujillo about 3 or 4 kilometers on the dirt road to Santa Fe is this camp ground/champa or cabin rental. For the uninitiated, a "champa" in Honduras is the typical mud over wattle house in either a rectangular or oval shape, with a wood frame roof covered with palm fronds. The owner, Orleis Remaud, is wonderful and the food that she prepares on her beautiful and spotless clay oven is excellent. She always has the biggest shrimp in town, and she even at times has lamb. I love to sit watching the ocean, absorbing the atmosphere and enjoying the breezes that always seem to blow. As your food is cooked over a wood-fired clay oven, it can take a while for the food to come. Bring a book and relax. Highly recommended.

Comedor Caballero---In the fishing village of Santa Fe is this excellent restaurant. Although in wet weather it is hard to navigate the unpaved road to Santa Fe the approximately 10 kilometers, there are buses that usually make it through. I drive it all the time except when it's awful. This is the place where you want to splurge. The owner, Pete, used to work on a cruise ship and knows not only how to cook, but how to put together a beautiful plate. Try the lobster, if it fits your budget, but everything is great, and the portions are big. It can be extremely hot since the dining room is together with the kitchen, and since everything is cooked to order it can take a while for service. Highly recommended.