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Best Rental House in Trujillo Honduras

News December 31st, 2014 - Happy New Year Trujillo! The rains will be letting up soon and we'll be ready for another year of development and fun in our Caribbean paradise. A real estate group called NJOI Trujillo had their official opening of the new entrance to their property development just before Santa Fe. The elaborate entrance has two fountain ponds and modern architecture.

News December 7th, 2014 - Vino Tinto is revamping their entire restaurant with a new roof. The place is looking great and is a good place to check out the sunset. A new coffee restaurant has also opened up adjacent to the police station. The place sells Ares coffee. More cruiseships coming on the 17th. Happy Holidays!

News November 9th, 2014. No cruiseships are coming this Wednesday but the following week Trujillo will be greeted by 2 cruiseships at once. Restaurants and business are remodeling and all kinds of investors and people are coming out of the woodworks.

News November 29th, 2014. Two more cruiseships are coming on December 3rd. The wind and rain are blowing throughout the bay of Trujillo and restaurants and businesses continue to remodel and prep up for the big holiday season. Enjoy the cool weather but bring an umbrella or a rain jacket.

News November 9th, 2014. No cruiseships are coming this Wednesday but the following week Trujillo will be greeted by 2 cruiseships at once. Restaurants and business are remodeling and all kinds of investors and people are coming out of the woodworks.

News October, 15th 2014. She's arrived! Norwegian Jewel's first landing at Trujillo was a large success. Many guests remarked that Trujillo was the best stop they made after Cozumel, Mexico and later Belize. The center was full of dancers and artisans, Garifuna spirit and a couple thousand cruise ship passengers. Welcome!

Bahia Bar

News October, 5th 2014. Only ten days before the first cruise ship as Norwegian NCLJEWEL-2376PAX will come into port every Wednesday starting on October 15th, 22nd, 29th This has been a much awaited event and Trujillo is excited for the opportunity.

Right now there is a big promotion going on with beer deposits and you can find SalvaVida beers for 15 lempira (75centsUSD) in several selected locations such Cocopando, Bar Evelyn, and nearly every pulpería.

News September 3rd, 2014. Vino Tinto has opened up under new management. Enjoy the beautiful view from the old pirate watchpoint and island style menu. Fish tacos, quesadillas, best burgers in town, nachos, lobster, and friendly service. The best spot for a date in Town. Come on a clear day and see Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos.

News August 14th, 2014. "HANGOVER" discotec has opened up on the beach with two floors and a big dance floor. The place seems to be doing okay with foam parties and Saturday night beach fun.

NEWS July 13th, 2014. We're in the thick of the slow season here in Trujillo and prepping up for the all new Cruise Ship season. A new restaurant named CariVida should be opening up next couple months right next to El Delfin on the main strip of the beach flats. In addition, several booths are being constructed for the advent of the cruise ships this coming October. The website is looking better already with a whole bunch of new photos and updated information. Keep checking back as we update all the pages on the site.

Interested in following the Betulia library and local kids and students of Trujillo? Check out unaeducacionperoparatodos.wordpress.com to see a unique education project run by Cristhian Villanueva and Corey Heimlich.

New Restaurants to try in Trujillo:


A new restaurant on the beach that offers a range of seafood, chicken, beef, pastas, karaoke night, and cold drinks. The staff wears unique outfits and seems to be off to a good start.

Pizza del Muelle

A new pizza restaurant run by a friendly Italian man named Mario. This restaurant is located on a dock about a half a mile east of Bahía Bar. With home-style, Florentine pizza on a beautiful dock over the supple waves of Jericó, this is probably the best pizza in Trujillo in the only over the sea/dock restaurant of Trujillo.

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