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Hotels in Trujillo range from the luxury of your own private villa with servants to the international standards of the Christopher Columbus to affordable spots like Emperador and Mar de Plata. Prices range from less than $10.00 to $100.00+ per day.

Villa Vista Dorada

It may be hard to find Villa Vista Dorada, a private home located above Trujillo in a neighborhood of dirt roads and friendly local children, but once there you can’t but appreciate the fantastic view and great architecture of the Spanish Colonial-styled villa owned by a part-time resident from the United States. The villa has three bedrooms (one with queen bed, one with queen bed and single bed, and one with double bed) with commodious living spaces and an unbelievable covered terrace with classical columns that you won’t want to leave.  There is a wonderful garden of tropical plants and fruit trees and cobblestone paths that lead to the Cristales River below the house. Use of a private beach property just west of town---560 feet of private beach protected by a guard house, with thatched roof champa on the beach with shower, is included.  Full time cook/maid, gardener, night-time guard and supervisor are part of the package. 

Sala Villa

Rates are $150/day for up to 6 people and $20/day extra for an additional person.   Great breezes but no air conditioning.  If you have an even bigger group, there might also be available a nice apartment below the house with queen bed and a great view that would increase the capacity to 8 people.  This is Trujillo’s luxury option.  Reservations required.  Highly recommended. See photo of the living room to the right.

Casa Alemania

On the beach and in town, the friendly German owned Casa Alemania is a good mid-range choice. They have fifty-four rooms and suites. Rooms of all sizes are offered from singles to suites, apartments to camping. The owner, Gunter Wassmus, has a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Bratwurst, and Goulash and Schnitzel, and a full bar with European beers. Massage, skin care and acupuncture are available. Rooms run from only $35 and up. They also have camping facilities with basic camping space or full service that includes electricity, water, and hot shower. Wifi, boat dock, pool, laundry, gym, and boat ramp are some of the many services offered. Recommended for a comfortable and full service experience right on the beach.

Tranquility Bay

Tranquility Bay

A newer alternative on the beach, just a couple of kilometers west of Trujillo and next to Campamento is Tranquility Bay. The owners, Larry and Linda Forseth are from Vancouver, Canada. They have created a restful and attractive spot on the beach with six large cabañas and one apartment for rent. Two of the cabañas have kitchenettes, and all have a queen or king bed with a single bed. The beautiful grounds are manicured and all cabañas come with hammock and kitchen sinks for basic preparation of food. At $89 a night for a beautiful cabaña right on the beach, you can be guaranteed comfort and “tranquility.” The place is quite down home and safe. They have a funny little monkey named Chimmy and a pretty good food. Wifi, paddleboards, and just ten minutes from Trujillo.

Villa Brinkley

If you’re looking for a good view in an old castle-like hotel, check out Villa Brinkley in Buenos Aires. The view from many of the rooms is spectacular, and the breakfast dining room offers good value with the best view in town. The Brinkley has large rooms and many have large marble baths. Though the hotel has passed its prime and is in need of maintenance, you won’t be able to trade the view and unique feel of Villa Brinkley. The hotel has guards and is still a good option, Rooms run at $15 a person. Wifi and air conditioning available, although the cool breeze of the heights of Trujillo hardly require A/C. Recommended for those looking for a one of a kind experience but don’t mind staying in a bygone hotel.

Hotel O'Glynn

If a central location and clean rooms, a/c., TV (but only 2 of 6 channels are in English), honest employees, and a power generator for the times the power goes off are important, then I heartily recommend the Hotel O’Glynn. The husband of the proprietress, Johnny Glynn, speaks English and is very knowledgeable of the area and its history. They have 25 air-conditioned rooms, many with balcony, for around $27 (double occupancy) and around $25 single occupancy. Wifi, private parking, and a hop, skip and a jump away from the very center of Trujillo.

Hotel Colonial

Hotel Colonial

Hotel Colonial is adjacent to the main square, facing the Santa Barbara for and town sqaure. Owned by the Crespo Association, the hotel is connected to the Buccaneer which serves adequate food and drinks. Hotel Colonial has 18 rooms with air conditioning. $20 for a single person. A good, inexpensive way to stay on a colonial balcony overlooking Trujillo’s historic center.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

If you seek internationally acceptable accommodations, including a/c., pool, tennis court, bar and restaurant on the premises, as well as a beach location and dock, then the Christopher Columbus is your spot. Although it is rather curious to have to cross the town’s unlit and unmanned airstrip to reach the hotel, if you have been roughing it and want a break-here it is. Nearby and recently revamped Bahia Bar offers good sports entertainment on the beach. The Christopher Columbus has all the amenities, though at a hefty price...Rooms start at $70 for one person and $75 for two. You can’t miss the Christopher Columbus, a big yellow structure right along the airport. 72 rooms available and can accommodate large groups. Wifi, volleyball, and complimentary breakfast.

La Quinta Bay

Just to the landward side of the airstrip is the Quinta Bay. It is relatively new, clean and very acceptable, and just a two minute walk to the beach or the Bahia Bar. Rooms include air conditioning and hot water. $30+ rooms.

Emperador, Plaza Centro, Mar y Plata

For less costly accommodations that seem to bring no great complaints, the Emperador in the center of town is a nice, old, and well-maintained yellow building. Owner Eliberto Bustillo runs a nice little cafeteria attached to Emperador that serves typical food. 9 rooms - $10 a night and $25 with air conditioning.

Mario Carias, the owner of the Mar de Plata is friendly and a good conversationalist. Beware however that Mar de Plata is located directly next to Truxillo discotec and might not be a peaceful night of sleep on weekend nights. The city fathers have taken some steps to enforce a noise ordinance, but it can still be loud on weekends. The raucous disco noise downtown is one of the reasons that no one has elected to restore a historic home in the center of the historic district to date.

Plaza Centro offers rooms with air conditioning for $20. A nice inner courtyard and friendly staff run by María Rodríguez. Not much to say about the place, except that it’s right next to the market and slightly further from the discotec scene.



For those who want peace and quiet, an idyllic spot on the beach, and high quality food, travel the dirt road to Santa Fe, which passes west of town (or walk along the beach westward from town), through the Garifuna town of Cristales and after 3 or 4 kilometers to Campamento. Orleis Remaud and her husband Arturo have 6 cabins of concrete and tile with air conditioning, some of which have been recently remodeled. They have a two-story hotel that faces the beach with 11 rooms (each with two queen beds). She prepares great meals on a traditional clay oven behind their new house. Palm trees and the beach are directly in front, and breezes almost always cool the air. They also have five horses for rent and a small motor boat with 50 hp engine to rent for fishing. Behind the beach they have cattle, ducks, and other animals. They couldn’t be any friendlier. Highly recommended. Cabañas and hotel rooms run at $60, while the remodeled cabañas are at $100 for that added comfort. Wifi and a fairly nice pool right on the beach.

Banana Beach


Banana Beach fills up on Saturdays and Sundays with beach goers from Tocoa and sometimes a pretty large gringo crowd. People come to enjoy a nice pool ($5) right on the beach before Santa Fe. The resort offers cabañas and fully-furnished condominiums at a very expensive rate. This is an up-scale resort probably out-doing Christopher Columbus. The owner Rand is from Texas and is usually found sitting at the bar with a cigar and a beer. Jeurgen the manager runs a tight ship and keeps everything in good order. Nice lawns and a secluded beach, this is a good spot to relax below the jagged mountain backdrop and a good escape from Trujillo. With prices in between $70 and $150 a night according to your group's needs, you can enjoy the serene beach and westernized comfort of Banana Beach. Wifi.

Capiro Bay

Right on the beach next to Bahia Bar out on the airport, Jesus is real is obviously geared towards the religious type and is owned by Jim Taylor. Jesus is Real offers pizza and clean rooms starting at $35 a night. Wifi, a/c, and right on the beach - a good option for highly religious visitors.


The only hotel in Cristales, this is an affordable option for backpackers that want to be right in on the Garifuna scene of Trujillo. Located directly behind the CocoPando restaurant and nightclub, the rooms can be negotiated to a good price for backpackers.

Tranquility Bay

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