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Best Rental House in Trujillo Honduras

The cruise ship industry has finally discovered Trujillo, perhaps one of the most magical cities in the Caribbean. Trujillo has the most magnificent deep bay with long strands of beaches, the site where Christopher Columbus first landed on the mainland of America, an historic city center, an old fort bristling with canons, and the city is bracketed by a national part encompassing the mountain behind the town and the Guaimoreto lagoon just to the east. Many cultures mix in Trujillo, including the Garifunas, the Pay (Pech) Indians, Moskito Indians, and many mestizo people.

The first cruise ship, the Yorktown, visited several times in February 2014.Now the first big cruise ships begin arriving in October 2014 and continue until April 2015. The city administration is making efforts to improve the infrastructure to prepare the way for this influx of tourists, but be aware that Trujillo for now is still very rustic. If you come this first season things will still be a little rustic---but you can brag you were the first to be there---in a spot that will surely boom and expand in the future and be unrecognizable from the sleepy and rustic village that you see now.In the mean time, good luck finding a bathroom and a good lunch, and the tourist spots will be just getting their act together, but be patient and have a good time and enjoy.

Trujillo View

The Cruise Ship Banana Coast Terminal is now finished and ready to receive passengers. I hear that the 2000 foot pier will not be built until the second or third season, so for now passengers will be disembarking by tender and proceeding to the new terminal. I donít believe that there will be very many vendors lined up to provide services or items for sale at the terminal---this is still a work in progress.

So here I am in beautiful and rustic and magical Trujillo. But there are limited services this first season. How do I see the town and maximize my day?

The big honcho is Banana Coast Tours and Campo Del Mar Nature Park and Beach, which is affiliated with the owners of the cruise ship terminal. They probably have the highest prices but for this first year they may be the only ones except as mentioned below. They have a 5 hour tour that departs every 30 minutes from the terminal and takes you to their Campo Del Mar Nature Park and beach development west of town. They also have a 3 hour ATV Jungle Adventure tour and tours of the Guaimoreto Lagoon by kayak, historical tours of the city, horseback riding, and waterfall swimming adventures and more. Visit www.bananacoasttours.net for more info and booking.

Trujillo View

If you are looking to do something on your own, I suggest a walking tour of the historic center of town, a look at the fort, and lunch at Vino Tinto on the side of the dropoff from the city center to the beach, or Playa Dorada, Bambu, El Delfin, or one of the 2 new places at the beach just now being made ready to receive the cruisers, NCLJEWEL-2376PAX and MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX. You might go to www.trujillohonduras.com for historic information and reviews of the restaurants.

Cruise Ship Schedule 2015

February 11, 2015 * NCL JEWEL - 2376 PAX y MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX

February 25, 2015 * NCL JEWEL - 2376 PAX

February 27, 2015 * ADONIA - 710 PAX

March 4, 2015 * MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX

March 11, 2015 * NCL JEWEL - 2376 PAX * MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX

March 15, 2015 * SILVER SHADOW 382 PAX

March 18, 2015 * MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX * MS RIVIERA 1250 PAX

March 25, 2015 * NCL JEWEL - 2376 PAX * MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX

April 8, 2015 * NCL JEWEL - 2376 PAX

April 15, 2015 * MS RYNDAM - 1258 PAX